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Catacomb Snatch

november 21st, 2012 No comments

End February Mojang (if you are from an other planet: the makers of Minecraft) participated on a charity event called “The Humble Bundle“.

For this charity they developed in 60 hours a game called Catacomb Snatch, but what you could expect, 60 hours is not much time.

After the charity event was done (they raised over $352.000), the source-code (java) of the game was released into the wild.

What i saw happening (mostly on the minecraft forum’s) was people patching the game up, not looking at each others fixes, others patched the game closed-source and were asking for donations, yes they did!

So i decided to start a Github project for this game, i merged all the patches i could find on the interwebs, builded them, and a guy named Zorro300 (on the minecraft forum) started to advertise my github project on the forums, that it has a merge of all the fixes, it’s open-source and everybody could contribute.
That made it boom so hard, i couldn’t keep up..
over 30 people started committing a load of fixes, new features, new sprites, etc

The same week I registered, installed a jenkins build-server, created an irc-channel on freenode
2 guys made the website and installed the forums.

So this project has been silent for the last couple of months, sometimes i did some patching, but mostly, people don’t have time 😉
An other reason why I’m not that active, my java skills are not that great, i do have basic understanding of programming, this game is quite the challenge.

We do have a lot of idea’s, for example an improved multiplayer system with lobby, where you also can add friends, some kind of ranking system.. etc..
this also requires gameserver system etc..
We also want to port the game to the OUYA game console.

But for these features, we need some people who are better in java, and have some spare time 😉
+ one of the priorities now is abstracting the “rendering” system, so we can add a better system, also that will make it more easy to port to android.

Anyway, this post was long overdue 😉 I’ll see if i can keep this blog a bit more up-to-date.

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